Our Energy Savings Plan

We make it easy for you to upgrade your heating and cooling system, restore existing equipment, or resolve issues with running costs, air quality, performance, and more. Convenient appointment times, on-time arrival, and thorough clean up are some of the ways we ensure a rewarding experience. By remaining on-call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we make sure you are never without qualified assistance.

What You Receive With Your Energy Savers Plan  

Discount on refrigerant during A/C Maintenance (one time)

Filter Club membership discounts

Safety Inspection of your Water Heater included w/ combo ($40.00 value)

Humidifier Cleaning (includes pad) included with w/ combo ($75.00 value)

Priority Service

Filter Club membership

Up to a 20% discount on labor for necessary repairs

Diagnostic will be waived during a normal business hours service call if a repair is completed

Overtime/Holiday Diagnostic Fee will be billed at Regular rate

Will provide one (1) complete inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of your heating system AND/OR One (1) for your cooling system. Service described by the check list.


A/C System Tune-Up

Heating System Tune-Up

Priority Service

Longer Equipment Life

Increased System Efficiency

Up to 20% discount on labor

Reduced Service Fee

*Safety Inspection on Water Heater

*Humidifier Cleaning

Total Annual Value

*With Combo
**Actual annual value may vary depending on type of system, proper installation, age and condition.

Annual Value







up to $89



$1,583 – $2,546

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