Garage Heaters

Whether you’re looking to extend your living space into your garage, or enjoy the ability to work on projects year round, garage heaters offer an ideal solution.  Mounted on the wall or ceiling, these units require none of your floor space and offer efficient heating.  Contact Dykstra Home Services for prompt, safe, and accurate installation.  Our factory trained technicians work with you to perfectly answer your exact requirements with quality equipment to ensure long term satisfaction.

Garage heating installations for optimum comfort!

Garage heaters have greatly improved in recent years.  Older units are often large, unattractive, and hang down into your headroom.  Modern alternatives are much more compact, have a low profile, and provide superior heating.  Advances in technology have led to rewarding safety measures that provide worry-free comfort.  You can maintain relatively low settings to protect your pet or sensitive materials, or bumped up so that you can work on a project without wearing a jacket.  The experienced professionals from Dykstra Home Services offer the information and knowledgeable recommendations you need to create the ideal environment for your specific needs.

If you’re in need of a garage heater, contact the dedicated team at Dykstra Home Services for installations, repairs, and service!

Dykstra Home Services specializes in leading-edge solutions to residential and commercial temperature control, providing prompt completion of all projects, expert workmanship, and reliable products to meet your highest expectations.  For garage heater repair, service, and installation for local homes and businesses, our sheet metal fitters are extensively experienced and intensively trained to deliver superior results.  Contact Dykstra Home Services for greater convenience in your everyday life and perfect solutions to any challenge.